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HoMedics Shiatsu Heated Foot Massager

Alleviate pain or tension from treatment or illness with this heated foot massager.

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To help people live better with cancer, we donate $1,000 to the American Cancer Society every month.

Why do people living with cancer recommend this product?

The massage function is very powerful and you really do feel the rotating balls against your feet. My feet are in heaven!

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About HoMedics Shiatsu Heated Foot Massager

Cancer patients often suffer from muscle pain and tension caused by treatment or tumors. The HoMedics Shiatsu Heated Foot Massager soothes and relaxes tired and stiff feet

Shiatsu is based on traditional Japanese massage therapy. The word shiatsu literally means finger pressure and you may also hear it called shiatsu massage or shiatsu body work. Shiatsu practitioners believe that the therapy stimulates the circulation of your blood, helps to release toxins and tension from your muscles and stimulates your hormonal system. This is believed to help the body heal itself.

One of the main reasons that people with cancer use shiatsu is that it makes them feel good. Some people with cancer use shiatsu to help control symptoms and side effects such as poor appetite, sleep problems, pain, and low mood. They say that it helps them to cope better with their cancer and its treatment. After a shiatsu treatment, people feel very relaxed and have higher energy levels.

Key features

  • Two settings: massage and massage & heat
  • Soothing heat warms and relaxes tired feet
  • Counter rotating massage action

Please Note: This item is shipped from the UK and has a British 3-pin plug.

HoMedics Foot Massager FAQs

How does a HoMedics foot massager benefit cancer patients?

Certain chemotherapy drugs can cause nerve damage, most commonly in your hands and feet. This can leave you with a feeling of being ‘numb’ or a tingling sensation like pins and needles. Peripheral neuropathy is normally only temporary, but it can cause a lot of discomfort until the nerves fully heal. The HoMedics Foot Massager provides a convenient and comfortable way of gently massaging the feet to help relieve pain and provide full body relaxation.

Are there any drugs to treat peripheral neuropathy?

Normally the most successful way of treating peripheral neuropathy is by monitoring it or lowering the dose of drugs that’s causing it. Some doctors might stop the use of a certain drug or switch it with another one to allow the nerves to recover. If you start experiencing any abnormal sensations in your hands and feet, always make sure you let your doctor know so the nerve damage can be prevented from getting any worse.

What is the HoMedics foot massager?

The HoMedics Foot Massager is designed on the shiatsu concept of massaging pressure points. Homedics have designed a foot massager with rotating nodes which massage each part of your feet to help ease aches and pains and provide complete relaxation.

How long should I use the HoMedics Foot Massager for?

It’s recommended that HoMedics Foot Massager is used for up to 20 minutes at a time. After this time period, the machine automatically turns off, but it can be switched on again using the power button.

Can I use the HoMedics Foot Massager while standing?

The Homedics Foot Massager should always be used whilst seated, never standing up.

How do I use it?

Please note: This product is fitted with a standard 3-pin UK plug, it is not suitable to use in any other country unless the appropriate adaptor is used.

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