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Product Description

As well as hair loss, cancer treatment can also lead to the loss or damage of nails and toenails.

These cooling slippers are specially designed to minimise toenail damage, and are recommended by many experts and hospitals.

Cooling slippers decrease blood flow to the feet by cooling them down, which reduces the amount of chemotherapy drugs that reach the toenails. This can help minimise treatment-induced nail damage, and in many cases can prevent nail loss altogether.

Hypothermia Cooling Gloves are available here.


Why do people living with cancer recommend this product?

Why do people living with cancer recommend this product?

I was warned I could lose my fingernails and toenails due to intensive chemotherapy. So I decided to use the gloves and slippers and I must say I am quite satisfied. I still notice my fingernails are softer and slightly damaged but I have not lost them and that is very important to me.

Product Questions

Product Questions

What would I need to use cooling slippers?

Chemotherapy can cause nail disfiguration and nail loss. For some people, this can be very distressing due to appearance, and for some, it can cause pain. People who have had lymph nodes removed from surgery (for example breast cancer and prostate cancer surgery), it is important to keep their nails clean and undamaged as nail infections can cause lymphedema.

How do cooling slippers work?

Chemo gets to all your cells via the veins and arteries. Veins and arteries carry blood to and from tissues, providing oxygen, nutrients and chemo. To decrease the amount of chemo going to nails you need to reduce of blood being carried to your nails via the arteries. This can be done by restricting the vessels. Vessels that are cooled become restricted, reducing the amount of blood and chemo to the place that they are cooled.

Do cooling slippers work for everyone?

Not all chemo causes nails loss or damage. Equally, results will vary among people. Speak to you oncologist or nurse to discuss whether cooling slippers are a good idea for you.

Why does chemo affect the nails?

Chemotherapy affects rapidly dividing cells. Cancer cells rapidly divide, which is why chemo is effective in killing these stops and stopping them replicating. However chemo is non-discriminatory, it will affect all rapidly dividing cells in the body. This can predominantly be seen with hair loss. But nails also rapidly divide, which is why they are able to grow. Some people will visibly see lines in their nails which correspond with their chemo cycles, other’s may experience clubbing, splinting or full nail loss.

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