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iBeani Tablet & iPad Cushion

This lightweight tablet and iPad cushion is a non-slip beanie in a stylish print.

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To help people live better with cancer, we donate $1,000 to the American Cancer Society every month.

Why do people living with cancer recommend this product?

A god send during chemo sessions. Being hooked up to a drip doesn’t make it easy to use an iPad but this fabulous little beanbag cushion makes it so easy. It’s lightweight and stylish. - Cheryl, August 2018

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About iBeani Tablet & iPad Cushion

For Next Day Delivery, in the UK, on this product only, please give use a call on 0800 118 2705


The iBeani cushion holds your iPad, Kindle or other tablet for you - so you can go hands-free and get comfy while you watch TV, call your loved ones, or read your latest e-book.

iBeani at a glance:

  • A soft, handy beanbag that holds your tablet steady while you get comfy
  • Relieves the pressure on the wrists - fantastic for anyone who gets achy wrists or joints
  • Small side pocket ideal for your earphones, glasses or stylus pen 
  • Suitable for most Kindles, iPads and other tablets
  • Can hold your device vertically or horizontally
  • Suitable for kids and adults of all ages
  • Also helpful for women recovering from mastectomy
  • Handmade in the UK
  • Gift Association-certified
  • Highly Commended in the Gift of the Year Awards (2016)


Many cancer patients have told us that due to fatigue or treatment they spend a lot more time resting and lying down.

With the iBeani you can use your tablet to surf the web, read books, watch films and keep in touch with your loved ones, all without the pain or discomfort of holding your device for long periods of time.

Using the iBeani you can easily type with both hands, eat while you watch something on your tablet, or just snuggle up in bed or on the sofa without having to try and balance your tablet on your lap.

Women recovering from breast surgery have also told us they found their iBeani helpful in finding a comfortable position for their arm after surgery. After a mastectomy or lymph node surgery, your underarm can be very tender and uncomfortable, and iBeani can help to keep your arm elevated in a more comfortable position while you rest and heal.

iBeani cushions are all handmade in the UK, and Gift Association certified.

iBeani Dimensions: (approx) 28 x 24 x 12.5 cm

Highly Commended in the Gift of the Year Awards

iBeani Cushion FAQs

How does an iBeani help people living with cancer?

The iBeani Tablet / Kindle Cushion helps people living with cancer in many different ways:

Best-evidence shows that keeping your brain stimulated during treatment can improve your mood, and help protect against fatigue and chemo brain. However, it can be difficult to keep your brain stimulated while you're suffering from fatigue, causing a vicious circle. The iBeani E-Reader/Tablet Cushion allows your to comfortably use your Kindle, books or iPad in bed or on the couch, without having to prop yourself up or endure the pain of achy hands or wrists. In this way, the iBeani cushion helps you keep your brain active while expending less energy. It's also perfect for surfing the web, watching films and keeping in touch with your loved ones.

Why does chemotherapy take so long to administer?

Due to the side-effects that could occur, doctors, pharmacists and nurses must go through multiple checklists before giving you your chemo. These include having blood tests, fluids and medications. Although it can be a long and boring day, this is so your chemo is given as safely as possible. This is why many patients use their iBeani Cushion during their chemotherapy treatment, to help them pass the time in comfort. 

Is it normal to feel tired with cancer?

Yes. Cancer can play havoc with your body, causing you to use more energy, leading to you getting tired quicker. Additionally, chemotherapy treatments and surgery can lead to tiredness and fatigue for numerous reasons. For example, chemotherapy decreases your red blood cell count. These cells are responsible for carrying oxygen to every part of your body. If the number of red cells goes down, even slightly, your body will become tired.

Can I wash my iBeani?

Due to the beans inside the iBeani, they are unable to go inside the washing machine. The fabric can be cleaned using a damp wipe. 

What can I place on my iBeani e-reader tablet cushion?

The iBeani pillow can rest your tablets, such as iPad, Kindle, magazines, books, mobile phones, or small laptops. If it fits onto your iBeani, you can put it on your iBeani. 

Are iBeani’s appropriate to use if I have a contagious infection (such as c.diff)?

As you cannot wash iBeani, if you are experiencing side effects of a contagious illness such as the flu or chickenpox, it would be best not to use the iBeani until you feeling better. As you do not want to contaminate the iBeani. 

Can I use my iBeani for anything else?

Many women after mastectomies or lymph node biopsies or removal have commented how the iBeani is the perfect shape to rest their arm on. Simply place the iBeani underneath your arm and rest. You can leave the iBeani pillow there while relaxing on the couch or at night time while you sleep. The beans mean the iBeani is still soft but also malleable to fit into a position which you find comfortable. 

How can I get into the iBeani?

It is recommended that you do not attempt to open up the iBeani, as the beans may fall out. However, there are two zips that sit on both layers of fabric that can be undone if you do wish to get into the bag. Please also note, that returning a product post this may not be feasible. 

How do I clean the iBeani?

Spot clean only, using a damp cloth or wipe. Due to the beans inside the iBeani, it cannot be machine washed. 


Customer Reviews

  1. Just the Job

    DeniseFriday, 22 March 2019

    Great item. Holding an IPad makes arms ache, so this bean bag stand is brilliant.

  2. .

    ASunday, 10 March 2019

    Excellent product

  3. Adorable And Useful

    ChristineFriday, 15 February 2019

    I bought this for my Mom for her chemo appointments. It's the Playful Cats model. Cute as it can be! I put a very small spiral writing pad and a pen in the little pocket. Or she could use it for eyeglasses or anything else she wants. Much lighter than I expected! I'm now thinking of buying one for my Dad and myself!!!!! Thanks UK Live Better!

  4. IBeanie/Cats tablet phone holder

    ChristineFriday, 15 February 2019

    I bought this for my Mom for her chemo appointments or just for lounging around the house. It is very much lighter than I expected! What I thought were going to be heavy beads/beans actually must be styrofoam balls. It is very cute too!

  5. Ibeani bag

    JackieFriday, 08 February 2019

    My aunt was over the moon with it ty

  6. So handy, I have two

    SUE HOWARDSaturday, 02 February 2019

    I already have one, bought a second to use at the table. So handy, also takes my phone in the side pocket

  7. saves my hands

    Gillian ManningMonday, 28 January 2019

    The iBeani sits comfortably on my lap, and holds my Kindle, or an actual book, steady. It's easy to adjust the angle to save my neck as well as my arthritic hands.

  8. Beanie bag

    Margaret Sunday, 27 January 2019

    It really helped me use my iPad

  9. Ibeani

    Kathleen FleckThursday, 10 January 2019

    Great for propping up a book or tablet.

  10. Awesome product

    Dan O'BrienFriday, 28 December 2018

    I love my ibeanie! It is perfect for my ipad. I am a one year breast cancer survivor. I live in the USA and was concerned about dealing with a company out of my country. The people I dealt with at Live Better With were wonderful. Very helpful! I would not hesitate to recommend them or order from them again. You are doing great work, keep it up!

  11. Ibeani tablet and iPad cushion

    LindaThursday, 27 December 2018

    Great product. I use it for my iphone too. This cushion raises the devices higher than other types of cushions so I can sit more upright.

  12. Makes using my tablet much easier

    SUE HOWARDSunday, 18 November 2018

    I rely on my tablet for so much. The ibeanie really helps. I have two now. One by my chair and one by the bed.

  13. Comfortable to use

    Amanda HouriganSaturday, 10 November 2018

    Let’s me sit in comfort and use my iPad so light and nice looking too!

  14. I Beanie

    Valerie CulpepperThursday, 08 November 2018

    I like it fits every type of tablet because it is malleable Would recommend for everyone

  15. Very Pleased

    Guillian GrandisonThursday, 08 November 2018

    I purchased one for myself and was so pleased with it I purchase one for my sister in Australia,. It is perfect for a Tablet and Kindle and would highly recommend it

  16. No more stiff neck and hand

    Susanjane NilandThursday, 08 November 2018

    This product is so good I’ve just brought another so I don’t keep having to move it from sitting room to bedroom. I like to doodle on my iPad and this can cause me to get a stiff wrist and thumb from holding it so long, then adjusting it so I can rest my hand I end up with a stiff neck.. This is the perfect solution as wherever you put the ibeani it moulds and stays and the iPad moulds itself into it too. There might be cheaper versions out there but you can definitely see this one is made to do the job right and the added bonus of the handle on it is just brilliant so I highly recommend this

  17. Fantastic!

    Julie BlakeySunday, 04 November 2018

    This is such a great product ! It has helped me so much, Thank you

  18. IBeanie

    MarthaSaturday, 20 October 2018

    I’m a 5yr. Survivor I’ve ordered several things in the past. I ordered the IBeanie because my left arm is affected by lymphedema due a mastectomy, I hold my iPad with that arm and it aches now I’m hands free and I love it!!!

  19. Gift

    YvonneThursday, 18 October 2018

    Bought for my granddaughter as a gift for Christmas.Love it.

  20. Ibeani

    Kathy HopkinsFriday, 05 October 2018

    I received it in the mail & I just love it, I may order one for my husband

  21. Comfort read

    AnnFriday, 05 October 2018

    I bought 2 of these for myself & my husband and would recommend as they make reading in bed or in a lounger chair so comfortable.

  22. Beans cushion

    UrsulaThursday, 04 October 2018

    Very good hold any iPad or kindle is cool

  23. Great idea!

    SusanWednesday, 03 October 2018

    I am not a cancer patient, but an orthopedic one. This bag holds my phone or tablet very well, stays put. Love it!!

  24. i Beanie

    Elizabeth WilliamsMonday, 01 October 2018

    I bought two of these for Christmas presents for friends who both have advanced arthritis in their hands. Good quality fabric and not too big and bulky. I hope they will love them.

  25. Wonderful

    JanetSaturday, 29 September 2018


  26. Much easier to use my iPad

    SheilaThursday, 27 September 2018

    I bought this because I have a habit of crossing my legs when sitting in a chair, with the i-Beanie my iPad is just at the right height and I can keep my feet flat on the floor. When I use it in bed it is at the correct height for me too.

  27. Great product!

    NanceyThursday, 27 September 2018

    I love this. It makes it so much easier to use iPad. I bought one for my sister and she loves it.

  28. Very practical

    MaggieSunday, 23 September 2018

    Quick delivery. Well made product - does what it should.

  29. So comfortable to use

    SusanFriday, 21 September 2018

    Bought for me as a birthday present and it’s just what I need for my iPad,no more aching arms from having to hold it and the pocket is ideal for my phone.

  30. Helpful.

    Jujé Saturday, 15 September 2018

    I was looking for something that would support an iPad or book either when sitting at a table or whilst lounging in bed. This is ideal. It’s light, but very sturdy. It can take an iPad either horizontally or verticalIy. It also has a wee pocket for your phone/ pens etc. It has a double zip underneath so I thought the cover was removable for washing. Apparently it’s not ... you need to sponge clean, if and when necessary. All in all, I’m really pleased with it. Hope this review helps.

  31. Ibeabni cushion

    AmandaFriday, 14 September 2018

    Perfect, quick delivery too!

  32. Brilliant for supporting my books / tablet in bed

    Jules Thursday, 13 September 2018

    Brilliant for supporting my books or tablet for reading in bed. Plus my cat loves using it as a pillow :)

  33. Great Beani- like having an extra set of hands.

    SUZSaturday, 01 September 2018

    Love my beani - used it with my phone, tablet & e reader. Great to hold phone when I am “ on hold” so I can do other tasks while waiting.

  34. Excellent product

    Chris DavenportFriday, 31 August 2018

    Very useful for iPad or books which I previously tried to hold with one knee bent! Can now read/work in complete comfort. Also useful to have the little pouch for a telephone and/or pens.

  35. Light to hold

    Margaret Thursday, 30 August 2018

    I bought this to alleviate a neck problem caused by a trapped nerve. It worked brilliantly.

  36. Perfect!

    Rebecca LalumiaThursday, 16 August 2018

    I love my ibeani in the woodlands animal print. It is very lightweight and flexible. The bean stuffing allows one to position it many ways. I have a hard stand on my iPad already but can use my iPad on the ibeani without removing the stand. I use it mainly to hold it at the angle I need for whatever position I’m in. It’s great for reading too. It is very well made and the fabric is nice. I was reluctant to try it because of previous disappointments with online products, but this one is a winner!

  37. Great little thing

    LorraineWednesday, 15 August 2018

    Bought for mum so she was more comfortable in bed. Made a huge difference !

  38. Great product

    Tuesday, 07 August 2018

    Very happy with ibeani

  39. Invaluable for tablet - reading from, playing games .....

    PollyMonday, 06 August 2018

    This is my second. I now have one upstairs and one downstairs.

  40. instant relief

    Sheila ReedSaturday, 04 August 2018

    It helps my sore wrists and elbows as I now don't have to hold my ipad it is wonderful wish I had bought one sooner and the daffodil fabric is great as daffodil is my favourite flower thank you.

  41. God send

    Cheryl Friday, 03 August 2018

    A god send during chemo sessions. Being hooked up to a drip doesn’t make it easy to use an iPad but this fabulous little beanbag cushion makes it so easy. It’s lightweight & stylish.

  42. Using my iPad is a much more comfortable experience

    ACWednesday, 01 August 2018

    If I had known about the iBeani I would have purchased one much sooner. Whoever thought of this idea, well done. The Woodland Animals iBeani is a delightful design and very well made. I would definitiely recommend it.

  43. So very comfortable

    KarenFriday, 27 July 2018

    The iBeani is perfect for hands free iPad/Kindle reading; lessens neck and hand strain. My husband kept stealing mine, so we got another one! Great product!

  44. Bought two and it was worth it.

    Mary FisherFriday, 20 July 2018

    I got one for me and one for a friend and we both love them. I actually fell asleep with mine holding my ipad and woke up with it just as it was last night.

  45. The best gift!

    FeebTuesday, 03 July 2018

    I have one myself which I love and have given them as gifts to relatives who use them for all different things -- ipad holders, tablet holders, to rest sore elbow on, and to keep from always leaning in one direction against the arm of the couch. I also have a little friend who thinks it's a perfect beanbag chair for her dolly.

  46. Beanie

    Sylvia MartinSaturday, 30 June 2018

    This is perfect , it makes holding my i pad so easy and comfortable.

  47. I beanie is very useful as well as pretty. Thanks.

    MarionMonday, 25 June 2018

    Leaves a free hand to type on iPad when it is propped on the Ibeani

  48. Bought for a friend

    Priscilla BuckleyMonday, 18 June 2018

    My friend absolutely loved it - She said it is an amazing invention!

  49. Tablet cushion

    JPThursday, 14 June 2018

    I love the daffodil fabric!

  50. Watching iPad in comfort

    AlexandraMonday, 11 June 2018

    This tablet cushion is ideal for reading a kindle or watching programmes on an iPad whilst lying in bad or on the sofa. I’ve also used it as a support for sleeping after my mastectomy (wedged between my elbow and side) and it has enabled me to sleep comfortably on my side. I highly recommend it