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Inga Wellbeing Women's Jersey Cross-Over Top

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To help people live better with cancer, we donate $1000 to the American Cancer Society every month.

Why do people living with cancer recommend this product?

"I always wear this top when I go to the hospital, it makes me feel more comfortable and in control."

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About Inga Wellbeing Women's Jersey Cross-Over Top

*Winner of the Henry van de Velde 2016 'Better Health' design awards*

Cancer and its side effects can result in regular treatment and examinations that involve having to undress. The Inga Wellbeing clothing range is designed to ensure you can retain your sense of self and independence during cancer treatment by enabling you to stay covered during routine examinations, and dress and undress with more control. 

The Jersey Cross-Over Top puts comfort on an equal footing with style, as its wrap-around design is beautifully feminine and able to accommodate changing body sizes. Worn perfectly as comfortable night attire or elegant daywear this piece is endlessly versatile.

Key benefits

  • Poppered sleeve openings from the cuff to the neckline
  • Discreet side openings
  • Interior pockets can hold small drains discreetly 
  • Waist belt allows closure at the right or left side as needed, and can be tied around the body in two different ways
  • Soft, natural fabric ensures maximum comfort and helps regulate body temperature and odour

What is the Inga Wellbeing Women's Jersey made of?

- 50% cotton

- 50% viscose

This carefully chosen combination of fibres helps to wick moisture away from the body to improve body temperature control and reduce body odour. The jersey fabric is soft to the touch and stretches to accommodate body shape changes. 

How do I put on this INGA Wellbeing Cross-Over Top?

To put on any INGA Wellbeing garment it is important to always first do up all the poppers then dress normally with IV lines and drains in front of the body. Once secured in place, undo a few poppers at a time, move IV lines and drains and then close up poppers. Repeat until comfortable. 

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