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Lindens Menopause Formula Tablets

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About Lindens Menopause Formula Tablets

  • A blend of botanicals popular with women going through menopause
  • Concentrated, standardised extracts of botanicals
  • Red Clover, Sage, Siberian Ginseng and Liquorice
  • All in one convenient tablet

A specially formulated, potent blend of botanicals popular with women going through the menopause, Lindens Menopause formula is designed to simplify the use of multiple botanicals by combining extracts into one convenient food supplement.

Contains Red Clover (trifolium pratense) extract, standardised to yield 20mg isoflavones (14.3mg formononetin, 4.2mg biochanin A, 1.0mg daidzein, 0.5mg genistein), Sage (salvia officinalis) Extract standardised to yield 0.8mg rosmarinic acid, Siberian Ginseng extract standardised to yield (106µg eleutherosides) and Liquorice extract.

Please note: all supplements should be discussed with your doctor before taking them, to make sure they don't interact with any medication you're on, or existing conditions you may have.

Customer Reviews

  1. Menopause

    Aliska ElliottMonday, 05 November 2018

    Amazing product. I take them for Menopause and my Dad takes them for Prostrate Cancer and he says they help him alot :))) strongly recommend these