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Living in the Moment by Anna Black

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Why do people living with cancer recommend this product?

It is beautifully written and illustrated with lots and lots of mini meditations to choose from that can be done even on your busiest days. I find it very difficult to find time for a long meditation practice and therefore tend not to do any at all and this book offers you the opportunity to use daily 'chores' like washing up or brushing your teeth as opportunities to practice. It also offers suggestions for how to manage difficulties and to build a bank of resilience for tougher times and acknowledges the difficulties we face in confronting our own negative thoughts and opinions that can become very evident when practicing and how to accept these without becoming self-critical. A lovely book and very practical in today’s busy world.

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About Living in the Moment by Anna Black

Cancer patients often find that learning to be mindful allows them to enjoy life to a greater extent and helps with relaxation. Living in the Moment by Anna Black is a beautifully illustrated book dedicated to showing you how to pay attention the small moments of daily life.

The book guides you through mindful meditation to allow you to become aware of your habitual thoughts and behaviours and discover which are helpful and which are not. It helps you to learn to listen to the body and pick up warning signs of stress as well as tune into your inner wisdom. Packed with short and simple meditations, this book can be used by all people in all walks of life and at any time.

Key benefits 

  • Mindfulness can help you to take greater joy in life
  • Aids relaxation during times of anxiety
  • Suitable for all, whether or not you have previously practised mindfulness

Customer Reviews

  1. Beautiful and thought provoking

    Sally HoustonThursday, 23 November 2017

    I have read other books on mindfulness & was a little reluctant to purchase yet another one. But I was not disappointed!!!! It's very 'mindfully' & beautifully illustrated with a modern feel to it. There are many practices to do in your daily life with lots of thought provoking ideas. I will treasure this book.

  2. Very useful and pretty book!

    LeenaTuesday, 17 May 2016

    I have bought many mindfulness books during the last few years, and I must say that this book is the most practical and nice one so far! The suggestions how to practise mindfulness are practical, innovative and very easy to follow, and one can immediately see that the writer has a good practical knowledge of mindfulness. First I thought that the way some of the text has been enlarged is disturbing, but when I started underlining some important parts of the text, I noticed that the enlarged text was just what I would have underlined, so not a bad thing then! Personal and somewhat rough drawings were nice addition in the book, too. This is an especially good book for young people, for someone who wants to get to know basics of mindfulness in an easy-to-read-and-follow manner, and also it is very interesting for somebody who has already practised mindfulness for some time. Paperback format and relatively compact size make it easy to carry. I recommend this warmly into your library of mindfulness books or as a first or only one!

  3. Lovely useful introduction to mindfulness

    AnnaTuesday, 17 May 2016

    A very easy to use introduction to mindfulness with lots of useful little practices. I particularly like that it does not have any religious threads (which many books on mindfulness do) and that it is something that you can dip into, rather than an 8 week course. I liked it so much I bought it for my mother and sister too.