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Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm - 55ml

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To help people live better with cancer, we donate $1,000 to the American Cancer Society every month.

Why do people living with cancer recommend this product?

A wonderful, wonderful product. I can't praise this Beauty Balm enough. I've only been using it for 4 days, but already the difference in my skin is amazing. My face has never felt so clean and hydrated, and just doing the oil cleansing is such a pleasure. I am so glad that I found Lyonsleaf, I've been recommending the products to just about everyone - I risk becoming a total bore about it to all my friends! If you haven't tried this Beauty Balm yet, just do it, you'll love it as much as I do.  

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  • Ingredients
  • How to use

About Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm - 55ml

Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm is a Free From Skincare award winner, which helps to moisturise, cleanse, nourish, repair and protect the face, all in one pot. This fragrance-free balm is perfect for those with sensitive skin due to cancer and its treatment, and is made with 100% natural ingredients and is never treated with heat or solvents.

Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm is a natural moisturiser which also helps to reduce breakouts, increase cell regeneration, provide UV protection and help to soothe chapped skin.

Key Benefits:

  • Effective cleansing that helps remove dirt, make up, even dead skin cells
  • Provides protection against breakouts and infection
  • Super-rich nourishing moisturiser
  • Rebalances dry and oily skin
  • Multi-use product

What are the ingredients of Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm?

The ingredients of Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm are: cold pressed babassu oil, organic shea butter, organic macademia nut oil, organic jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, vitamin E oil, palmarosa essential oil, clary sage essential oil, benzoin resin, patchouli essential oil, organic rosemary essential oil, calendual flower extract.


How do I use Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm?

As a cleanser: Rub a small amount of Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm between your fingers and apply to dry skin, massaging your face thoroughly to lift and dissolve dirt and make-up. Run a flannel under hand-hot water and apply to the face, wiping away all dirt and residue. Repeat if necessary.

As a moisturiser: Use sparingly, as a little goes a long way. Rub a small amount of Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm between your fingers then apply to your face, massaging in well until it has been absorbed into the skin.

As a treatment balm: Apply to any dry or cracked areas as required, such as lips, elbows or heels.


Customer Reviews

  1. So smooth

    Jean AllenSaturday, 18 November 2017

    I love this balm for cleansing and just moisturising. I haven't come across anything as good as this.

  2. Sensitive skin vs Dry heels

    ElaineTuesday, 18 July 2017

    I bought the balm for my sensitive skin as a face cream and make up remover as I can not take perfumed products however it has proved most successful on my dry heels and hard skin on my big toes - It is slightly greasy or oily which is why you only need a tiny bit in your hand to work into the skin and quite different to creams but it is working and I am more than happy with it. The only drawback I would say is the smell.. it is very `Organic` so I tend to smell like a wet dog for a bit....... Just a small down side really for something that is a good product overall. My heels in particular are getting more supple and less sore the more I apply the balm. Oh and yes my face is doing well too. Recommend to give it a try

  3. Want some!

    JanineWednesday, 21 June 2017

    A friend had told me about this product - I have seen the difference in her and can't wait to get mine!

  4. lovely natural product

    ElaineThursday, 28 July 2016

    absorbs well into skin when used as a moisturiser and,although I was sceptical about how it would cleanse it was fab! The only problem was when I mistakenly left it on the bathroom windowsill and it melted in the sunshine...doh...I had a jar of oil which put it in the fridge to solidify, and the texture became quite grainy but worked just as well

  5. Amazing

    MeganThursday, 26 May 2016

    Such an amazing product. I've just made the switch from high-street brands to natural and organic skincare…this was the first natural cleansing balm I tried, and I could not be happier! Natural Beauty Balm has an amazing, light and natural smell, massages gentling into the skin, and washes off easily with a washcloth. I will definitely repurchase!

  6. Multipurpose

    VanessaThursday, 26 May 2016

    This beauty balm rocks and should be in everyone's arsenal. Whether it be used to cleanse your skin or to moisturise this multi purpose balm is perfect for the job

  7. Wonderful

    CallyThursday, 26 May 2016

    Wow. Have only had this a few days and I think it is wonderful! I was really interested to see if this would work on my skin as it's a strange mix of oily with dry areas. The product specified it would work for this type of skin and though I was sceptical at first, I wholeheartedly agree! In two days dry areas have gone, and the oily areas are kept at bay. The balm is light, absorbs well and smells gorgeous. The price is fantastic- I usually buy very expensive facial balms and this is a fraction of the price. Am SO pleased I found this product and Lyonsleaf, they have such great products that actually do work.

  8. Super Product

    Jean ClarkeThursday, 26 May 2016

    Having used Lyonsleaf products for some time, I was keen to try their new Beauty Balm, and I was not disappointed. After following their oil cleansing method for just a few days I realised how dull my complexion had become before starting the regime. Not only does the Beauty Balm make my face feel cleansed and refreshed, my skin also appears to have a natural glow. No tightness or irritation - just a feeling that my skin is thoroughly clean and well-nourished. This, coupled with its exfoliating properties, makes it the ideal product. I follow with just a touch of the Beauty Balm as a moisturiser which is quickly absorbed into my skin. It gives me confidence to know that I am using a product containing only natural ingredients and at a very reasonable price. And now I need just one jar on my shelf rather than lots of different products, as the Beauty Balm meets all my needs. I am now recommending Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm to my friends, as it really is a super product which I am so glad I tried.