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Maryon's Mojo Kit

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About Maryon's Mojo Kit

Maryon's Mojo Kit is designed with everything you need to support your natural libido during the menopause. 


  • Maryon's Mojo Kit contains:

    • Fema 45+
    • Promensil 80mg
    • Omega 7
    • Lady Prelox
  • Designed to help increase natural libido, alleviate uncomfortable sexual side effects since going through the menopause and support brain and body health
  • Recommended by leading menopause and women's health expert Maryon Stewart


More and more women are choosing to use vitamins and dietary supplements to help them manage their menopause symptoms. In fact, 48% of women in one survey said they regularly used vitamins to help them cope with symptoms of menopause.


Key benefits of Fema 45+:


Fema 45+ provides 28 nutrients at relevant levels including the trace minerals and plenty of antioxidants. It also provides good levels of magnesium and calcium, as well as vitamins D and K to reflect the current thinking on bone health. B vitamins are known to contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.


Key benefits of Promensil 40mg:


Promensil tablets are a herbal supplement containing naturally occurring plant oestrogens (isoflavones) from Red Clover, which is popular with women as a support for their health and relief of side effects during the menopause.

Highly recommended throughout the menopause as a maintenance dose. Promensil Original is specifically formulated to provide a maintenance dose of active ingredient for optimum support throughout menopause.


Key benefits of Omega 7:

Omega 7 is a polyunsaturated fatty acid, which are important structural components of mucous membranes, which forms the protective lining of internal organs. Omega 7 is vital for reducing dryness of intimate areas during the menopause and keeping skin healthy. Omega 7 is also found in the surface of the eyes and mouth and reduces dryness of these areas.


Key benefits of Lady Prelox:

Lady Prelox supplements contain plant-based ingredients designed to help boost your libido and enhance your comfort and enjoyment during sex. Pycnogenol (French Maritime Pine Bark extract) is a powerful antioxidant and a source of bioflavonoids.

This works with the amino acid L-Arginine to improve circulation, providing blood-flow and nutrients to the genital area. Rosvita (rosehip extract) contains a potent source of vitamin C, which contributes to normal psychological function. L-Citrulline is also added to support L-Arginine and nitric oxide production.

Thinking about trying supplements to help you cope with menopause side effects? We've teamed up with leading menopause health expert Maryon Stewart to provide the most trusted and effective supplements for a whole range of menopause symptoms.

Check out our full Menopause Supplements range for more easy ways to boost your diet and tackle those menopause side effects.


Fema 45+

2 tablets provide:

Vitamin A 60µg (200iu) Vitamin D 10µg, Vitamin E 100mg (150iu) Vitamin C 120mg, Thiamin 4mg Riboflavin 4mg, Niacin 18mg Vitamin B6 8mg, Folic Acid 400µg Vitamin B12 100µg, Biotin 0.15mg Pantothenic Acid 12mg, Vitamin K 0.05mg Calcium 200mg, Iron 7.5mg Magnesium 150mg, Zinc 15mg Iodine 150µg, Manganese 4mg Copper 1.2mg, Selenium 200µg Chromium 100µg, Choline Bitartrate 5mg Inositol 5mg, Quercetin 25mg Rutin 20mg, Para amino benzoic Acid 5mg Boron 2mg.

Tableted With:

DiCalcium Phosphate, Cellulose, Tablet Coating (Colours: Titanium Dioxide & Iron Oxides, Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose), Silicon Dioxide, Stearic Acid, Magnesium Stearate.

Promensil 80mg

Bulking agents (Dicalcium Phosphate, Microcrystalline Cellulose), Red Clover Extract (Trifolium Pratense), Tablet Coating (Hydroxypropylmethyl Cellulose, Colour: Iron Oxides, Glazing Agent: Polyethylene Glycol), Anti-caking agents (Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate), Emulsifier (Cross-linked sodium carbxymethyl cellulose), Antioxidant (Alpha Tocopherol).

Omega 7

Seabuckthorn oil, rosemary extract, alpha tocopherol, Capsule shell modified maize starch, glyverol, carrageenan, disodium phosphate.

Lady Prelox

Microscrystalline cellulose, L-Arginine, L-Citrulline, Extract of Rosehip, Tricalcium phosphate, Pycnogenol, Croscarmellose sodium, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, hydroxypropylmethycellullose, polydextrose, titanium dioxide, talc, maltodextrin, medium chain triglycerides, beetroot powder.

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