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Moldex Spark Ear Plugs - 20 pairs

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To help people live better with cancer, we donate $1,000 to the American Cancer Society every month.

Why do people living with cancer recommend this product?

"I had a lot of trouble sleeping during my treatment. Hot flushes and restless thoughts every night. I bought a sleep mask and some ear plugs and it got better." 

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About Moldex Spark Ear Plugs - 20 pairs

During treatment stress and anxiety can lead to many sleepless nights. Insomnia can have a serious impact on your health and thus your treatment and recovery. It is very important to get a good amount of quality sleep each night. Ear plugs can be a great way to ensure you block out any disturbing sounds and get into deep slumber. 

Customer Reviews

  1. Might work if you can get them in and to stay in

    Sunday, 11 October 2015

    OK might just have to eat a bit of humble pie here.... having persevered with these ear plugs and watching videos of how to fit- if you think 'hole, plug, roll it up stuff it in' as I did then it's not so straight forward. Advice given is along the lines of 'reach across head and grab ear with opposite hand, pull ear pinna out and up to straighten out the ear canal...' Well pulling as suggested didn't work for me but by moving the pinna around slowly I could feel a position where my ear felt more open- not easy to explain, you'll have to try yourself. Anyway to cut to the chase, by rolling the plug up as tight as I could get and holding my ear in the 'open' position I managed to get the plugs in- and to stay in. I can still easily see them looking in a mirror but I can feel they are in a lot further. It can still take me about 6 attempts to get them in, more with one ear than the other but... when they are in, as much as I think they will go for me, they are pretty good. Much better than I ever managed with the Boots ones. Comfort wise? Well still early days but I think it's a matter of getting used to them, maybe. Longest I've managed is 2 or 3 hours and I've not tried sleeping with them in yet. Still I've decided to review the star rating I initially gave them and move them up from a 2 to 4 star rating. Can't justify being negative about a product because I've got funny ears :-)

  2. Comfortable

    Kimberley LewisSaturday, 10 October 2015

    Very comfortable and look really cool, would definitely recommend to those who want a peaceful, yet still comfortable, night's sleep (:

  3. Fantastic

    Rebbecca SouthallFriday, 09 October 2015

    They are the best ear plugs I've tried. They blocked out majority of the noise

  4. My favourite ear plugs

    Mr.R.H.Thursday, 08 October 2015

    Ear plugs are much like shoes. There simply are no 'best' or 'worst', only ones that fit and suit you. A few years ago I bought a trial pack of about 20 different types of ear plugs and, for me, these are by far the best. No, they don't block out as much noise as wax ones, of course they won't. I'm not a great sleeper so want to block out noise such as car doors closing, early morning birdsong etc but still want to be able to hear a smoke alarm or one of my young kids getting up. The reviewer who stated these don't block 'any' noise clearly doesn't know how to fit them. You need to roll them up tight and evenly, then pull up the top of your ear with one hand and insert into the ear canal and hold it there until it has expanded.