Aidapt Inflatable Pressure Relief Ring Cushion

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Aidapt Inflatable Pressure Relief Ring Cushion

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Treatment or recovering from surgery may mean long periods of sitting, which can put pressure on your bottom and cause sores, as well as put pressure on the base of the spine making it painful. This donut-shaped Inflatable Pressure Relief Ring Cushion reduces the pressure when sitting by helping to distribute weight evenly and assisting the user to maintain the correct posture.

Key benefits 

  • Ideal for use in the car or around the home
  • Distributes weight evenly

Why do people living with cancer recommend this product?

"Very good, helped my husband whilst having spent long periods in bed recovering from cancer".

How do I use it?

Inflatable product, pump not included

Dimensions: 390 x 370 x 10

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