Soft Cotton Headscarf - Set of Two

Soft Cotton Headscarf - Set of Two


RRP $37.99

We're always on the lookout for excellent headwear options, so when we realised comfortable 100% cotton scarves weren't readily available, we decided to make them ourselves. 

The end result? Beautiful headscarves in soft, lightweight and breathable 100% cotton fabric, with plenty of colours and patterns to choose from! 

We know how important headwear can be during cancer treatment, which is why we've selected for comfort and quality instead of relying on itchy fabric blends. 

Key Benefits: 

  • 100% cotton is soft and suitable for sensitive skin
  • Highly breathable fabric ensures your scalp stays cool and dry 
  • Lightweight blend won't leave you feeling weighed down
  • The quality cut drapes beautifully 
  • Each headscarf measures 100cm x 100cm, leaving you with ample material for a variety of tying options
  • One size fits all (so they're perfect as a gift!) 

No matter how you choose to wear them, our 100% cotton headscarves will leave you feeling covered and confident as you head about your day. 

All these colours and patterns are available as limited editions, so hurry and secure your favourites while supplies last! 

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