Stay Warm Feeding Dish

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Product Description

Eating is a very important aspect of cancer care. For people with limited mobility, or during palliative care, eating and feeding can take a bit longer. Food can get cold, which is unappetizing for those having to eat it. The Stay Warm Feeding Dish keeps food warmer for longer, allowing those who need a bit more time to eat, to still enjoy their food. There is a sealed base underneath the dish where warm water can be installed. The warm water then maintains the temperature of the food for longer. 

Key benefits:

  • Non-slip base
  • Sealed base so warm water will not spill out
  • Keeps food warm for longer
  • 22cm diameter

How do I use it?

Before putting food in the dish, place warm to hot water (not boiling), in the seal of the dish. Close the seal properly once the water has been put in, making sure not to overfill. 

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