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Strong and Healthy Nail Kit

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To help people live better with cancer, we donate $1000 to the American Cancer Society every month.

Why do people living with cancer recommend this product?

"The drops are amazing. My nails were hideous, totally shattered and every time I touched anything another bit of nail fell off. It felt as if my nails were exploding to pieces because of the chemotherapy. Since using OnicoLife every day for four weeks, the results have been really impressive. My nails look really healthy and the nail beds are shiny. I would happily show them off to anyone."

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About Strong and Healthy Nail Kit

Chemotherapy can often result in weakened and painful nails which are vulnerable to infection. Moisturising the nails can help to prevent damage and repair exisiting damage, weakness and discolouration. While your nails are feeling rather damaged, you can use organic nail varnishes that won't iritate the skin, and will help cover up your nails when they are discoloured and dry. We want to help your nails look and feel healthy so we’ve put together this handy bundle.

The nail kit includes:

  • Onicolife Drops for Chemo Nails (RRP £14.99): Perfect for brittle or tender nails, nail ridges, split nails and yellowed or blackened nails.
  • Organic Glam Nail Varnish (RRP £11.50): Painting nails with dark nail varnish can help to reduce the effect of discolouration and brittleness . These polishes are 100% organic, free from artificial colorants, fragrances, petrochemicals and preservatives.

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