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'Go Love Yourself' Subscription Box

March - 'Inspire Connection'

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To help people live better with cancer, we donate $1,000 to the American Cancer Society every month.

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About 'Go Love Yourself' Subscription Box

When you're going through cancer, it's tough to find time to check in with yourself and figure out how you're really feeling. But this little monthly subscription box is the perfect reminder for you to check in with you.

So what's in the box?

Each box is thoughtfully made by Go Love Yourself and Live Better With. The March Box is themed around the topic "Inspire Connection". Each box contains: 

1. Tell Me More by Kelly Corrigan Tell Me More is a compilation of powerful vignettes. Kelly shares with us the 12 hardest - yet most potent - phrases she's learning to say that make love and connection possible. 

2. Workbook by Sharon at SPPVentures The 12 phrases are simple, but diving in and examining their roles in our lives isn't easy. Aligned to each vignette, these prompts will help you to think through how they come into play in your life. 

3. Affirmation Note Cards by Sharon at SPPVentures We aren't the only ones who  need affirmations in our lives! Spread your positivity into the world. Reconnect with an old friend, tell a colleague how bomb their presentation was, or snail mail your grandma. Kick it up a notch and put a stamp on it to show your bestie you really mean it. 

4. "Onward" Necklace by Jessica at Tesoro Jewelry This keychain is your daily reminder to press onward. To keep moving, hard as it may be, ask others for what you need, and to serve as a source of strength and support for others who may need it. These unique charms are hand punched and stamped one character at a time. An exclusive design, created for Go Love Yourself. 

5. Assorted Buttons by Shanel at Button Lore You can say so much without saying a word. Keep these powerful phrases and gentle reminders on hand or gift them to someone who needs the reminder themselves. Consider attaching to your bag, leaving one in your car, or wherever you might need the cue to be compassionate towards yourself and others. 

6. Moringa Powered Skincare by Emily at True Moringa Moringa oil is famous for its moisturizing and anti-aging properties. The roller is a perfect under-eye treatment or as a daily facial moisturizer. The lip whip is a blend of cocoa butter and Moringa oil, perfect for post-winter dryness. One of each for you, and one for your friend who's worried she's not getting any younger. 

7. Artisanal Chocolate Bars by Alak at Elements Truffles Hand-crafted in micro batches, this chocolate is raw, organic, free from dairy, free from GMOs or any artificial flavors, sweetened with honey and infused with Ayurvedic super foods. One for you and one for a friend - because sometimes all it takes is a kind note and a small gift to turn a stressful day into a great day. 

8. e-course by Shasta at Shasta Nelson Shasta, author of Friendtimacy, has created a course to help you lean in towards that special someone in your life. In "How to Make a New BFF" we'll learn the 3 Requirements of Healthy Friendships, the 6 Principles that shape healthy expectations, and the 5 Steps to Friendship. 

9. Power of pleasure e-book by Debra at Debra Joy Commit to taking care of you so that you can bring your best into relationships. Debra gives us Seven Simple Steps to REduce Stress and Live a Life You Love. 

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