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TanOrganic Original Organic Self-Tan - 100ml

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To help people live better with cancer, we donate $1,000 to the American Cancer Society every month.

Why do people living with cancer recommend this product?

"I have to take the time to write this because I am so impressed with this product. I've tried all sorts of things - things that claim not to be sticky or oily, things that are supposed to dry fast, things that are supposed to have no smell. None of them delivered what they said. But this one does. This is aloe vera juice, with a dark caramel colour - it dries very fast, leaves no trace of stickiness or oiliness. The smell as you apply it is delicious - it smells like ginger cake and oranges!! But once it's dried (ie a few minutes later) there is NO smell AT ALL! It just looks like I'm naturally tanned. The tan is so natural. It washed off my palms no trouble immediately after applying. And I hardly used ANY so it's well worth the price as far as I'm concerned. I'm never using another self tan again! And to think it's got no nasty chemicals and hasn't been tested on animals - that's fantastic."

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About TanOrganic Original Organic Self-Tan - 100ml

When living with cancer, excessive sun exposure is something to avoid, however during the summer you may wish to have a slight tan. TanOrganic Original Organic Self-Tan is an easy way to achieve a healthy glow without the risk of sun exposure.

TanOrganic is Eco-certified to ensure only the highest quality of ingredients are used, and a winner of the Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible Awards. The product contains all natural ingredients and is 84% aloe vera based to keep the skin hydrated and moisturised. It is free from harsh chemicals, parabens, colours and fragrances making it ideal for those with sensitive skin. The lack of fragrance also means that it will not cause nausea due to the smell. TanOrganic can be layered to easily achieve the desired shade by simply layering more or less on.

Key benefits

  • Free from chemicals, parabens and fragrance
  • Winner of the Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible Awards


Aloe vera leaf juice, dihydroxyacetone, gluconodeltalactone and sodium benzoate, beet root extract, caramel, sodium hyaluronate, orange peel oil, achiote seed, glycerine, summer lilac extract, thyme extract, capric triglyceride, xanthan gum, erythrulose, ginger extract,  ginseng extract, chamomile extract, vitamin e, honey, citric acid


How do I use it?

Less is more with TanOrganic, each bottle will do on average 5 – 7 full body tans. Apply a few drops, about the size of a €2 / £2 coin to the glove and make a fist about 3 times to allow the glove to absorb the tan. Start on your legs but leave your hands and feet until the end. Apply in circular motions starting on your calves and working your way up to your thighs, make sure you cover all areas, pay special attention to the knees and ankles and ensure that there is no build up in the creases. Remember to check hard to reach areas in a mirror so that nothing is missed – along the backs of the legs can be a common streak area. Allow the tan to dry and if you have missed any areas, you can easily blend in any lines. Apply as above to the rest of the body.

Customer Reviews

  1. Organic Sel Tan Oil

    Anick MoehleTuesday, 30 May 2017

    Fantastic product..... Coming back from a holiday where I had a very deep tan, I was wondering how to keep my skin glowing for a while ? Using this oil kept my tan for the next 4 months, I used it more like a beauty product than anything else, so nice to your skin ! When the good weather approaches, I start again using it, it gives me the confidence to face the sun until I get a tan and then uses it as just a top up ! It smells beautiful, does not streak and goes a long way..... just fantastic !