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Product Description

Tena Fix pants are designed specifically for wearing with Shaped Incontinence Pads such as TENA Comfort to hold the Incontinence pad correctly for the optimum fit for leakage security and comfort.

TENA Fix fixation pants offer seamless comfort as there are no side seems or pressure points, which mean wearers are assured comfort and helps avoid skin chaffing and irritation.
They offer a stable and secure fixation for comfort, performance and complete peace of mind.

TENA Fix premium stretch pants can be washed up to 50 times at a max temperature of 60 degrees, they can also be tumble dried.


96% polyester, 4% elasthan


X Small (Waist Size 20-24"/50-60cm)
Small (Waist Size 24"-30"/60-75cm)
Medium (Waist Size 28"-36"/70-90cm)
Large (Waist Size 34"-44"/85-110cm)
Extra Large (Waist Size 38"-50"/95-125cm)
XX Large (Waist Size 43"-55"/110-140cm).

Why do people living with cancer recommend this product?

Why do people living with cancer recommend this product?

"I like the fact that these Tena pants feel like real underwear and not like a diaper as with some other brands."  

Tena Washable Fix Pants FAQs

Tena Washable Fix Pants FAQs

What are the benefits of wearing Tena Washable Fix Pants?

Bladder leakage and incontinence can severely impact your self-esteem and quality of life. Pads can be large and difficult to fit into regular underwear, which could result in leakage. Tena Washable Fix Pants will allow you to get on with your day without the worries of leakage.

How can I manage bladder leakage or incontinence?

Many people find that a setting a regular schedule for going to the toilet can help decrease episodes of incontinence. This could range from hourly to four hourly. Large hospitals usually have an incontinence nurse specialist that can provide other techniques. Ask your treating team if you are able to speak to them. 

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

  1. Charlotte Moodie - Tuesday, 04 April 2017

    Tena washable pants

    I love them brilliant good fit for me I will be ordering more after my holiday easy to wash and quick to dry Thank you

  2. Elizabeth - Friday, 02 October 2015

    I bought these for an elderly friend who uses inco ...

    I bought these for an elderly friend who uses inco pads.She feels much more secure and confident when using the pants along with the pads.

  3. Helen - Thursday, 01 October 2015

    could do with better shaping

    very good stretch, only fault as my husband is immobile, when trying to pull up at the back, ladders easily ,also no shaped gusset,so inclined to go to narrow in between legs when pulled up to keep pad in place

  4. Jamesuj - Wednesday, 30 September 2015

    Will work

    Bigger than I thought they would be and a bit fiddly to get on, I do think they should have something to hold them into place. But I suppose most people have someone to help them put them on as I don't. But should do what they were purchased for.

  5. Frenchie - Monday, 28 September 2015

    Look small and thin but they stretch a lot!

    They are excellent. Don't be deceived by their looks when you received them. They look very small for a large size and they look thin but they stretch and stretch and are not tight on the patient. I bought them for my 16 year old son who is 70kgs and 1.75m and wear Tena nappy super. When I opened the packet, I went ''Oh no! too small'', and I was going to send them back. I did not even try them on him as I was so convinced that they would not fit. Then two days after receiving them, I thought that , in any case, I have them now, let's see how they fit. Now, bear in mind that I put two nappies on my son, because he usually takes one off as soon as my back is turned and he is bored. To my great surprise, they fitted perfectly and do not constrict him in any way. They do a good job by holding the nappy in place. Ordinary pants don't do this unless they are tight, and if they are too tight, then my boy would be uncomfortable. My only little complain is that if they could go a little higher they would be even better. But it is possible they do not go high because of the bulky nappies. Regarding the washing, they did not shrink and the quality seems the same. I usually wash on 40 degrees, long cycle. I would not put them in the dryer though, they dry pretty quick in the airing cupboard or on the line. So go ahead and buy this product with confidence. I am buying a second pack to leave at his school. And when you open the pack, don't worry, they'll stretch.... a lot! You'll see.

  6. Bilbo Boggins - Sunday, 27 September 2015

    Brilliant product. These hold all non-pull-on type incontinence pads ...

    Brilliant product. These hold all non-pull-on type incontinence pads in a firm position. They are elastic, firm and washable countless number of times. You cannot use incontinence pads without them. The NHS only give you 3 single free ones for 6 months!! These are not expensive, but indispensable. Buy yourself 3 or 4 packets of X5. Employ say 2 packs, keep the others unopened as spares. I have tried and tested these. They really are superb. But getting the right size is important for them to cling tightly and do their job.