The Famous Hat: Volume 1

Special Stories Series 1, by Kate Gaynor

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Product Description

This book was written to help prepare and comfort kids for upcoming treatment and a hospital stay, by conveying the experience through the eyes of Harry, a little boy who needs to stay in Hospital for treatment for his leukaemia.  The tone of the book is warm, positive and reassuring, as Harry enjoys his stay at the hospital, makes new friends and overcomes his fear of losing his hair when he realises that the hair loss is only temporary and that once treatment is over, he will be able to return home.  The book is loved by kids because it is a story that they can relate to, and is simple, lighthearted and easy to understand with lovely illustrations.

Why do people living with cancer recommend this product?

Why do people living with cancer recommend this product?

"I ordered this book when I found out that my five year old grandson would be going through chemotherapy and losing his hair as a result. The story was well written in a light humorous style that communicated what happens and prepares a child for the upcoming change. It also emphasized that there wasn't anything wrong or weird with the child - it was simply a temporary change as a result of a needed treatment."

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