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The Recovery Brobe

A luxurious post-surgery bra and recovery robe set - with handy drain pockets and front fastening bra

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To help people live better with cancer, we donate $1,000 to the American Cancer Society every month.

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About The Recovery Brobe

The Recovery Brobe is the first bra and robe combination designed for breast cancer surgery recovery.

A luxurious robe with practical features for post-surgery recovery, plus a super-comfortable, colour-coordinated post-surgery bra - perfect for any woman undergoing mastectomy, breast reconstruction, breast augmentation or breast reduction. 

Inside the robe are two pockets on either side to hold post-operative fluid drains. The front closure bra also has built-in pockets to hold ice packs and/or a prosthetic breast and is detachable for added comfort throughout the day.

The Brobe is a one-of-a-kind recovery garment that's luxurious and stylish enough to wear long after the healing is done.


  • Stylish bra and robe combination, made to be worn before, during and after recovery
  • Luxurious fabric and functional robe for breast surgery recovery
  • In-built drain pockets inside the robe to hold post-operative fluid drains
  • Easy access 3/4 length sleeves - for easy IV access during treatment 
  • Super comfortable post-surgery bra
  • Convenient Velcro front-fastening, so you don't have to stretch to take it on or off
  • Integrated bra pockets to hold ice packs and/or breast prosthesis
  • Wireless yet supportive - keeps you comfortable and supported without irritating healing skin post-mastectomy

How does the Recovery Brobe work?

Size Guide

Brobes tend to run big. All Brobes are designed to fit a range of sizes. With a sports bra design, the detachable bra stretches to fit different band and cup sizes.

You will notice some sizes overlap into the next size. This size chart gives an indication of where one may fall for our sizing based on how they like to wear their clothes. For example: if you are a size 10 dress, with a bra that is 34 DD, you could order either the Medium OR Large depending on how you like your clothes to fit.

Customer Reviews

  1. Good quality

    AmyFriday, 28 December 2018

    This is a nice, good quality robe. They did send me the wrong color from what I ordered but it was too late to try and exchange as it was a gift and they were going in for surgery the day after it arrived.

  2. Yes, it costs a lot, but yes, you'll need it after a mastectomy

    nyfloraWednesday, 26 September 2018

    Hesitated at the price - I have never paid this much for a robe, but I have to admit it is perfect for post-mastectomy patients. I only had 1 surgical drain, but it's such a relief to have secure spot to tuck it, where it doesn't press against your skin, and you just don't have to worry about it being there. The fabric texture is soft, and it gets softer after washing - it holds up well, and doesn't wrinkle too much. It's between thick and thin - thick enough that you'd be hot in the sun, but also thick enough that you won't be freezing in a cold doctor's office. The fit was loose, and above the knee on me - I usually wear a 4-6 in dresses. I would have been more comfortable with a longer robe that wraps in the front, it opens a lot when you sit down, so I'd wear leggings if I was ever wearing this out of the house. That said, it's nice enough that it could pass for a long top over leggings. The pinkish red is pretty and flattering. Comes with a separate bra which is nice, but the fit is likely hit or miss - I wear 36 bands because I don't like anything tight - and this bra was very tight and snug. Didn't care for the eyelet trim on the bra, it was scratchy. If you're hesitating before having a mastectomy, especially if you will have more than 1 surgical drain, this robe is a very good buy. I tried other robes and dresses in my closet, but I kept coming back to this as the most comfortable item I could wear.

  3. Great for after surgery

    mlawreWednesday, 26 September 2018

    Great for after surgery. Very soft and light weight. Matching front close bra was great, easy to put get on and off and comfortable. Love the pockets for the surgical drains. Only wish it was a bit longer.

  4. Well made, the bra is beautiful, pricey but I think worth the money

    MoniqueWednesday, 26 September 2018

    If you are having a mastectomy with reconstruction this is something you should buy. The robe can hold your drains and it comes with a bra that is so comfortable my surgeon wanted to know where I got it from. It is a must have. I brought the black in Large

  5. A great Gift

    BuckEyeMoJoWednesday, 26 September 2018

    I bought this for my mom who just had breast cancer surgery. She absolutely loved it. I bought the black robe and I bought a medium. She is about 5'5 and ~120lbs. She didn't wear the bra because she was not allowed to compress her chest, but she loved all the pockets for the tubes and drainage bags. It was also super soft and comfortable material. She was so appreciative. I highly recommend this product.

  6. A Winner For Us

    CustomerWednesday, 26 September 2018

    Purchased this robe for my wife prior to being discharged for hospital. She had cancer in one breast but opted for bilateral mastectomy which resulted in 3 drains. She is 5'4 ~ 180lbs. We purcased XL which fits her very well and accomodates all the drains. She wore this home from the hospital and immediately remarked on its softness. She likes the fact that its not floor length which allows her better circulation since she often feels hot these days. In taking those first few steps on the road to recovering her mobility, this robe allowed her to grasp a pillow to her chest and not worry about carrying drain lines.

  7. Awesome robe

    Kelly RichardsonWednesday, 26 September 2018

    This robe was really a life saver! After having a double mastectomy I had four drains in. There are two pockets on each side of the robe. I almost didn't purchase because it was kind of pricey but I was so happy I purchased it !!!! It was the main think I wore for the first few weeks! It runs slightly small.

  8. Well Worth Buying - REALLY

    D. WillsWednesday, 26 September 2018

    Rating comment section did not allow me to fully praise The Brobe. My bilateral mastectomy drains were in for 9 days and I was in this robe the entire time (24/7 except for washings). I absolutely recommend this robe. You will not be disappointed. So comfortable and really did help to manage the drains. As for the sizing, I can only say that my body shape is somewhat short and heavy but the Brobe (2x) managed to do its job perfectly for me. The fabric is soft and stretchy but still holds its shape. I was also amazed at how it kept me comfortably warm, but never hot. My most heartfelt thanks to the people who came up with this robe. As for the price. $95 was a small price to pay in comparison to the quality and comfort that I have received from it. I look forward to wearing this robe for a long time, even without my drains!!!

  9. Buy this product!

    FeliciaWednesday, 26 September 2018

    Buy This Product. Stumbled across an article that included a comment about The Brobe. The reviews left me feeling confident it was worth a try. I am so glad I did! This robe has made my recovery from bilateral mastectomy much easier, what with the drains and all. Wish I could send a flyer and tell everyone how helpful and comfortable this robe is. REALLY. BUY IT.

  10. Great idea but wish it had been on time and made of bamboo

    Katryn GaffneySunday, 05 August 2018

    This is a wonderful product. However, despite being told it would be in the post in the next couple of days, it took a couple of weeks to come from the manufacturer, by which time the main reason I needed it had subsided somewhat. Also, I happen to have suffered from shingles at the time, as luck would have it, along the bra line. I could only tolerate natural fibres next to my skin around the shoulder and armpit. All was not lost as I then ordered the wonderful bamboo pyjamas, in a similar colour that matched and I was able to wear them together, though that would have made it quite difficult to use the breast draining facility if that's what I had needed. Though unusual to have shingles, all breast cancer patients would appreciate the comfort and temperature control you get from bamboo, especially if at least the bra part was made of bamboo. I'll soon be able to use the bra part properly, with the robe, when relaxing at home, for a long time to come. Since surgery, there's a big difference between the size of my two breasts, and it's a great boost to confidence to be able to relax with a comfy matching bra and robe.