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The Essential Cancer Cookbook Set

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To help people live better with cancer, we donate $1,000 to the American Cancer Society every month.

Why do people living with cancer recommend this product?

My taste buds changed a lot during my chemo so it's really helpful to have cookbooks that recommend healthy and tasty meals taking in consideration the side effects of my treatment.

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About The Essential Cancer Cookbook Set

When you're living with cancer, there are so many reasons why you might be finding it tough to eat, and achieving a healthy, balanced diet can seem like an impossible aim. 

We want to help alleviate the stress of finding suitable meals and ingredients, so we've hand-picked three popular cookbooks that have been designed specifically for people with cancer and going through chemotherapy. 

This cancer cookbook set includes:

The Royal Marsden Cancer Cookbook by Dr Clare Shaw (RRP £13.29): This excellent cookbook is a divided into three parts. There's a detailed section by Dr Clare Shaw on diet and cancer, and the problems you may face during treatment, such as loss of appetite, nausea, sore mouth, change of taste. There's another section filled with recipes to cook during treatment, which are nutritionally beneficial and wholesome enough to keep you strong even if you can't eat too much. Lastly, there's a section dedicated to recipes for after treatment, aimed at keeping you healthy. This product is a wonderful book for patients going through any stage of their cancer journey, and can really give some great insight into eating well during this time. 

The at Better With Cancer Cookbook - in aid of Marie Curie (RRP £13.99) In this book, you’ll find 92 beautiful pages of stories, tips, and recipes written by the cancer community: authors, bloggers, business owners, and so on. The RRP is £13.99 and profits raised from this book go to our partner charity, Marie Curie. We are excited and honoured to raise funds for Marie Curie, whose tireless work is world renowned. Having the opportunity to help raise further awareness of the work undertaken by Marie Curie, whilst also raising funds to support them, is at the heart of Live Better With.

These are not necessarily complete meals or fancy concoctions. They are simply what those living with cancer found easy, comfortable or tasty while going through their own treatment. Whilst there are many other fantastic recipe books out there, we wanted to bring you a selection that reflects real day-to-day life. The book is also packed with background stories, tips and inspiration from other members of the cancer community. And thank you to each contributor for making the time to share their experiences and advice (and try their hand at some home photography too)!

Chemo Cookery Club: Over 150 Healthy Recipes (RRP £14.95): Chemo Cookery Club is packed with delicious recipes and ideas to help make everyday food a positive part of life for people living with cancer and their carers. With tempting treats and healthy food ideas, the emphasis is on the nutritional values that can make a difference, but most importantly this is a book that lifts the spirits - especially when food and diet can become a bit tricky. If you or someone you love are going through treatment, this book will help you create delicious meals and snacks that tantalise the taste buds no matter how experienced - or otherwise - you are in the kitchen.

Customer Reviews

  1. Great cookbooks

    Sandra TMonday, 17 December 2018

    This is a great set of cookbooks, nice recipes that aren't too hard to follow and not too much crossover between the books. My whole family have enjoyed eating from them.