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Treatment Planning Kit

The Perfect Companion Throughout Your Cancer Diagnosis

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To help people live better with cancer, we donate $1,000 to the American Cancer Society every month.

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About Treatment Planning Kit

Cancer can be a complicated disease. This bundle of books will help you deal with many of the issues ranging from sadness and depression, to the more practical aspects of cancer treatment and even cooking.

  • Cancer is my Teacher describes how Lucy O’Donnell managed to turn cancer into a positive experience. This book doesn't just cover the physical side, but also the emotional and spiritual aspects.
  • The Cancer Survivor’s Companion is packed reassurance, understanding and simple, practical ways to tackle key issues such as: worry and anxiety, depression and low mood, anger, self-esteem and body image, relationships and sex, fatigue, sleep and relaxation.
  • The Anti-Cancer Cookbook will show you how, through simple alterations in diet, lifestyle and attitude, you can tackle cancer alongside conventional treatments.




Customer Reviews

  1. Anticancer

    S.L.Tuesday, 24 May 2016

    I work in Nutrition and support people with Cancer and this is probably just one of a handful of books I recommend to patients and their families. Well written, excellent scientific support and good personal input from the Author. Too many health / Cancer books put the fear of God into patients and create additional stress and anxiety; whilst this one provides good, honest information and support. The pull out mini booklet is a useful bonus.

  2. The Cancer Survivor's Companion

    OndineBlueTuesday, 24 May 2016

    I've just finished active treatment for breast cancer and it was such a relief to pick up this book and realise that the mental trauma I am going through is completely normal and, most importantly, that there is something that can be done about it. I had a mastectomy, chemotherapy & radiotherapy - the chemotherapy nearly killed me. You can end up in a really strange place emotionally once you stop going to the hospital all the time, even if like me you are on hormone therapy and/or regular check ups. Moving on is almost as tough as living through diagnosis and treatment because whether you like it or not, cancer changes your life, forever. This book fills an important gap in cancer treatment, and is already helping me deal with all the mental trauma I've been experiencing from diagnosis through treatment, I'm glad I bought it.

  3. Cancer is My Teacher

    Mrs Sarah J AshbyTuesday, 24 May 2016

    I have just finished your book ‘Cancer is my teacher’. It is a fabulous introduction to cancer and a book that every cancer patient should read and give to their family to understand what they are going through. There is so much advice and information in the book that most will not know about. It can only be extremely helpful and beneficial to anyone (and their families) that is just starting out on their long and difficult journey. Congratulations on an amazing book and this will help so many people with cancer. It has given me so much more knowledge of what cancer patients go through which will help me in the volunteer work that I do at the Royal Marsden. It is written with so much thought and honesty that everyone should read this book - even if they don’t have cancer as everyone knows somebody that has it. It will give them an understanding of the journey that a cancer sufferer will go through that will be extremely helpful to all and allow them to understand and be mindful of what they go through.