Virginia Harvest Golden Omega Milled Flaxseed - 450g

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Virginia Harvest Golden Omega Milled Flaxseed - 450g

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Cancer patients can often suffer from irregular bowel function, but Virginia Harvest Golden Omega Milled Flaxseed can be a great solution.

Flax seeds can help with irregularity as they help your digestive system and cleanse the bowel. Virginia Harvest Golden Omega flax seeds are a small, nutty-tasting seed containing omega 3, fibre and mucilage to help aid digestion.  

Why do people living with cancer recommend this product?

"It has helped my constipation issues which has made me feel much more comfortable in day-to-day life"  

What are the ingredients?

Milled flax seeds

Customer Reviews

5 people have chosen this
  1. Salaha B. - Saturday, 10 October 2015

    Great for smoothies

    Haven't use this one yet but use Flaxseed in smoothies regularly and find that they keep you fuller for longer.

  2. Judith - Friday, 09 October 2015

    Very Healthy

    I buy this for my sure slim diet/healthy eating. I don't need to grind it as its already been milled.

  3. Viginia W. - Thursday, 08 October 2015


    Love this product, have used in smoothies and with fruit and yoghurt tastes great adds an extra little bit of healthiness to my breakfast

  4. Mrs. C. N. R, - Wednesday, 07 October 2015


    The quality is good, and the resealable bag essential for freshness. I buy this if my local Aldi is out of stock, as it is even cheaper there. This also keeps you very 'regular', which is a godsend if you are eating low carb.