WendyLett 2 Way Glide


WendyLett 2 Way Glide

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Product Description

When you have reduced mobility, turning in bed can be difficult and you can often require help from others. The WendyLett 2 Way Glide is a combination pack which includes a bed sheet and 2 way draw sheet. The central section of the bed sheet is ultra low friction, whilst the edges have anti-slide material for safety. The draw sheet has stripes which it can easily be moved in the direction of, allowing the bed sheet and draw sheet to be used in combination to easily somebody.

Key benefits

  • Helps to safetly turn someone
  • May be used with a pressure relieving mattress
  • Machine washable

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

  1. kim - Tuesday, 19 July 2016


    Excellent drawsheet for easy movement of a person in bed. Bought for my father who has Parkinsons Disease, this aids his movement in bed very well. Easy to wash, easy to use.