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  • Bowel & Bladder Issues

    Prune juice helps with constipation, it's quite pleasant to drink. You can also try eating prunes or figs, fresh or dried."


  • Eating Well

    "For me sucking fresh pineapple helped get rid of the metallic taste. It was also an easy and tasty way to consume some calories."


  • Eating Well

    "Your immune system will take quite a battering, so eating plenty of fruit, oily fish, fresh vegetables and salad are a good idea"


  • Hair Loss & Hair Care

    "When I was losing my hair I slept with a night cap to avoid seeing it everywhere when I woke up."


  • Hair Loss & Hair Care

    "If you are going through strong hair loss, cut your hair. This reduces the pain later and makes you feel in control."


  • Feeling Sick

    "Ginger for nausea - you can try biscuits, sweets, tea, chews or even raw!"


  • Feeling Sick

    "I found that using nausea acupressure wristbands helped me feel less sick." Philip


  • Skin Things

    "Avoid everything that is laden with chemicals. Find cosmetics, shampoo, soap and cleaning products that are free from particular nasties."


  • Skin Things

    "Put scraps of silk cloth on friction areas where clothing hurts your skin, like between your waistband and your skin."


  • Treatment Planning

    "Keep a basic chemo bag with things such as pyjamas, warm socks, clean underwear, wash bag with spare toothpaste and brush, face wipes, mirror, tissues, bag of pineapple pieces, anti-bacterial hand gel and a good book."


  • Treatment Planning

    "Ask for a written Treatment Summary after you have finished your treatment so you can be prepared for any late side-effects."


  • Treatment Planning

    "I keep a calendar log of all my activities and appointments to help stay organised."


  • Eating Well

    "I drank beetroot juice all the time. It gave me an energy boost."


  • Doing Exercise

    "Try to keep doing the same sports and activities you did before."


  • Mind & Brain

    "Talk with someone you trust and express your feelings. It's hard to start talking, but so, so much better when you do."


  • Mind & Brain

    "I kept on working as much as I could, even though it wasn't always easy. It helped me maintain what felt like a normal life."


  • "For me, it was about focusing on the simple pleasures such as enjoying a relaxing warm bath."


  • Mind & Brain

    "I write down my feelings, doodle, sketch and color. This all helps me keep my mind clear."


  • "When seeing your consultant, take along a friend or family member for a second pair of ears. It's easy to miss details when there's a lot to take in and you are suffering from chemo brain."


  • Going on Holiday

    "If you're planning on going on holiday, ask for a letter from your Dr. confirming your fit to travel a couple of months in advance because it can take them a while to get the letter to you and you'll need it for travelling."