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  • Carers

    " I'm a carer for my husband who has bowel cancer. I found that some councils and NHS trusts have an ‘emergency carer card system’ which means you can register a personalised care plan for the person you care for so if you need to spend a night in hospital, they will make sure there's an appropriate replacement carer in place quickly and efficiently."


  • Carers

    " If you're caring for a loved one with cancer then I recommend writing an emergency plan with all the details of the person you care for, their diagnosis, treatment and care needs, in case of an emergency to help friends or family members who may need to step in and cover for you"


  • Carers

    “Take breaks whenever you can, short naps help me catch up on sleep and leave me feeling refreshed and energised”


  • Carers

    “Ask for help if you’re struggling, ask if someone can sleep over and share responsibility of overnight care a couple of days a week. This helped me to take some time out so I could get a full night of uninterrupted sleep - bliss!”


  • Carers

    "My husband had some trouble sitting up and lying down in his bed. We got an over bed hoist installed as I am not strong enough to help him each time."


  • Carers

    “Getting occupational health to do a home visit helped us get the right equipment to allow my husband to move around the house more independently - I would definitely recommend everyone does this”