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  • Eating Well

    "For me sucking fresh pineapple helped get rid of the metallic taste. It was also an easy and tasty way to consume some calories."


  • Eating Well

    "Your immune system will take quite a battering, so eating plenty of fruit, oily fish, fresh vegetables and salad are a good idea"


  • Eating Well

    "I drank beetroot juice all the time. It gave me an energy boost."


  • Eating Well

    “Don’t skip meals – you need to eat to keep your energy levels and mood up and you can’t do that on an empty stomach!”


  • Eating Well

    “Sometimes I find it tricky to fit in time for a proper meal especially when I’m driving to all the appointments. I started buying bitesize varieties of foods and keep them in the car so I can eat on the go if I need to.”